You may also look for most other browse fields such as for instance sex and you will section

Suggestions when searching

When you’re tracing all your family members record, assemble information that’s available and likely to be exact, and make use of this since your 1st step. Older family will likely be a very important source of information about earlier in the day generations.

Record their findings

Since you advances with tracing the ones you love record might begin to get plenty of guidance. Be sure to listing their findings so your work is perhaps not squandered.

GRONI mention delivering equipment – My Notes

New GRONI mention taking business, ‘My personal Notes’ is a useful device used due to the fact your browse the new indexes in a choice of the general public lookup area or on the web.

Cards is removed from the GRONI account once 72 occasions. If you are using the web based to access GRONI, make sure to export otherwise print your own notes in advance of they are deleted.

When you are delivering cards playing with ‘My Notes’ throughout the societal search space, you will not have the choice so you’re able to export otherwise print your own notes. Although not, for many who availability your own GRONI account after online, it’s possible so you can export otherwise print their cards, so long as it’s in the 72 hr period.

Refine your quest

When you search GRONI you could get the full quantity of overall performance that fulfill the recommendations your enter. Because the system is only able to tell you a total of 2 hundred results immediately, you should look playing with as often pointers that one can.

To own a common name for example John Smith, it can help to reduce recent years looked once you know the latest day otherwise year of the membership.

For folks who appeared using an excellent surname and you will date, the fresh search results usually list inside the alphabetical forename order. Instance, for those who sought out a birth utilising the surname Smiley but no forename, the fresh new listings might be:

  • Aaron Smiley
  • Benjamin Smiley
  • Brian Smiley
  • Cara Smiley

If the an excellent forename is actually inserted and also the start of an effective surname, such as for example Aaron Smi (come across even more search qualities), the order might be:

  • Aaron Smiley
  • Aaron Smith

A lot more research attributes

  • means – if you pick this option, the result will only get back exact suits
  • begins with – for many who lookup using slaver brudebyrГҐ the earliest about three emails out of a reputation, the effect would be all labels beginning with those characters
  • alternatives – the effect get get back possible variants – a find Smyth can also return Smith – although variants available are not thorough


Spelling can be the the answer to unlocking all your family members history. Though some names enjoys remained a similar historically, anyone else has changed past detection.

During the early 1900s whenever the majority of people couldn’t understand and you will build, the brand new registrar filed the name and you may registered whatever they read. A reputation such as for instance Smith might have been recorded due to the fact Smyth, Davison because Davidson, White as the Whyte, otherwise McDonald as MacDonald.

Illegible names

There are lots of reasons why brands elizabeth was illegible features come impractical to get to your index. In such cases ‘maybe not captured’ has been inserted so that searching. Like, if you are looking to possess a George McDonald in your lifetime was born in 1868 however, aren’t able to find the latest list, they elizabeth which have ‘maybe not captured’.

It can be prominent in the case of old ideas you to definitely a delivery is actually entered till the forename of child are consented. In these cases ‘perhaps not captured’, using the surname, may help you select the list.

This may even be the fact with the forenames and you may surnames of a few foundlings (a discontinued little one in which the mothers is unknown).