What’s their directly to allege new property and/or house shortly after separation and divorce Thai Wife?

Right on belongings and you can/otherwise domestic immediately after divorce case Thai Spouse

Once we have been handled divorce proceedings number due to the fact 2003, i usually gotten issue that will the newest foreigner claim brand new homes and you will/otherwise house that he ordered and you may inserted they around Thai wife’s title whenever its separation during the Thailand.

You to definitely as to why once they hitched that have Thai Partner, they sign in and you may endorse the new title deed on the Thai Wife’s title.

And on the time of the transfer registration, the Land Office will asked the foreigner husband signed one page of paper to confirm that “the money that use for this land is not come from the foreigner husband and it does not consider since Matrimony Property”

I together with highly recommend one comprehend information on the divorce process from here knowing just how our bodies are: Divorce case when you look at the Thailand

“…In case there is doubt about whether or not a house is actually Marriage Assets or not it will likely be believed is Relationship Possessions”

Probably the house and its particular strengthening have given the fresh Defendant’s identity only, but it’s the home that Accused gotten within the Accused married into Plaintiff. So, it will be the possessions that the Defendant in addition to Plaintiff has obtained through the relationships in accordance with the Civil and you can Commercial Password Area 1474 (1).

The money that spent for bought the land and house is the Plaintiff’s money. The Plaintiff bought the land and house for living together with the Defendant when travel to Chiang Mai to visit the parent of the Defendant. But the Plaintiff cannot use his name to own the land, because the Plaintiff is the foreigner. The Seller, the Plaintiff’s friend and the land officer advised to use the Defendant’s name to be act as a buyer and owner of the land. So, in order to complete the such transaction, the new Plaintiff have to bring confirmation on the property administrator one the bucks one to spent to acquire new homes and you can home is a best personal property or private property of your Defendant and this isn’t a married relationship Property or shared property. Otherwise, the land officer will not proceed to registration. Once received the title deed, it has been safe keep with the Plaintiff. In case the Plaintiff wish to give it as individual property to the Defendant, the Plaintiff should give the title deed to the Defendant as well. As the Plaintiff is the person who kept the title deed and the Plaintiff intent to buy it for living together with the Defendant at Chiang Mai, it is showing that the Plaintiff has not intent to give to the Defendant as her individual property. But the Plaintiff intent to make it to be as Marriage Property. And according to the Section 1474 has specified that …In case of doubt as to whether a property is Marriage Property or not it shall be presumed to be Marriage Property… So, the Plaintiff and the Defendant has equally share on the land and house.


If you bought the fresh end up in your own Thai Wife’s label, and you’ve got considering the confirmation in the Land office of the affirm that money is perhaps not come from your. This does not mean you MeetSlavicGirls dating cannot claim at all.

You could potentially difficulty to the Thai Relatives Legal by the demonstrating for the the way that you paid for that it household since you intent for action having managing the Thai wife.

Therefore, into breakup date you are entitle to get it 1 / 2 of as they part of Relationships Property that need to be divided.

And you will excite let your attorney to refer Best Courtroom purchase zero. having source on your own instance since it advantage to your.